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Section: Dissemination

Animation of the scientific community

The members of the Atlas project-team have always been strongly involved in organising the French database research community, in the context of the I3 GDR and of the conference Bases de Données Avancées (BDA).

J. Bézivin is a member and co-founder of the steering committee of the ECOOP (AITO) and UML/Models conferences. In 2006, he is a co-organizer of a track on model transformation of the ACM Symposium of Applied Computing to be held in Dijon.

The 20th ECOOP conference took place in Nantes in July 2006. The conference co-chairs are J. Bézivin and Pierre Cointe (Obasco project team in Nantes) who founded ECOOP 20 years ago. In addition to their international recognition, this also demonstrates the strong cooperation between Atlas and Obasco. ECOOP is currently ranked 39th on a total of more than 1200 conferences and computer science journals by CiteSeer.

In 2008, the Atlas project-team will organize the EDBT conference in Nantes. N. Mouaddib is organization chair and P. Valduriez is general chair. EDBT is currently ranked 170th (top 13 percent) on Citeseer.


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