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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National Actions

We are involved in four projects:

ARA Massive Data Respire (2006-2008)

Participants : Reza Akbarinia, Vidal Martins, Esther Pacitti, Jorge Quiane, Patrick Valduriez.

The project Respire involves LIP6 (leader), Paris (IRISA), Regal (INRIA et LIP6) and INT. The objective is to propose a P2P infrastructure for resource and data sharing in large scale networks. We study the following problems: resource catalog, dynamic clustering of peers, replication, query processing and equitable mediation. To validate the infrastructure, the Atlas project-team develops services in the context of the APPA prototype.

ARA Massive Data MDP2P (2003-2006)

Participants : Reza Akbarinia, Vidal Martins, Esther Pacitti, Jorge Quiane, Patrick Valduriez.

The project MDP2P (Massive data management in peer-to-peer systems) is led by the Atlas project-team and involves three other INRIA project-teams: Paris and Texmex in Rennes, and Gemo in Orsay. The main objective of the project is to provide high-level services for managing text and multimedia data in large-scale P2P systems. Similar to database management systems, these services are not limited to file sharing (like current P2P systems) and need be high-level with query capabilities and transactional support (for data consistency). Furthermore, they must provide good access performance which can be obtained through data replication, distributed query optimization, and parallel query processing. To validate our P2P approach and show its wide range of application, we concentrate on two different P2P contexts that we know well: the Web and clusters of PC.

ARA Massive Data SemWeb (2004-2007)

Participants : José Martinez, Noureddine Mouaddib, Guillaume Raschia.

The project SemWeb (Querying the Semantic Web with XQuery) involves PRiSM, Versailles, CNAM, Paris, LIP6, Paris, SIS, Toulon and LINA, Nantes. The project aims at studying problems and providing solutions to XML-based mediators in the context of the Semantic Web using XQuery as the common querying language. Foreseen main problems are scalability of the proposed architecture, integration of heterogeneous sources of information, and dealing with metadata. The results of the project should be an homogeneous mediator architecture, exemplified on typical applications, and delivered as a open-source software.

ARA Massive Data APMD (2004-2007)

Participants : José Martinez, Noureddine Mouaddib, Guillaume Raschia.

The project APMD (Personalised Access to Masses of Data)(2004-2007) involves PRiSM, Versailles, CLIPS-IMAG, Grenoble, IRISA, Lannion, IRIT, Toulouse, LINA, Nantes and LIRIS, Lyon. The goal of the project is to improve the quality of retrieved information thanks to personalisation techniques or, in other words, to personalise the retrieved information in order to improve its quality with respect to the end user. This is of major importance for applications targeted to a large audience, like e-commerce, which have to take into account a large number of parameters: heterogeneous sources of information, various data formats, used languages, large amount of available data, etc. More precisely, the project has to define precisely which are the components of a user's profile, how it can evolve, and then take advantage of these profiles in order to filter and present adaptively the retrieved information, especially when dealing with huge amounts of information.


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