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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

STREP Grid4All (2006-2008)

Participants : Reza Akbarinia, Vidal Martins, Esther Pacitti, Jorge Quiane, Patrick Valduriez.

The project is with France Telecom R&D (leader), INRIA (Atlas, Grand-Large, R├ęgal, and Sardes), Kungliga Tekniska Hoegskolan, Swedish Institute of Computer Science, ICCS (Greece), University of Piraeus Research Center, Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya and Rededia S.L. (Spain). Atlas and INRIA-Rennes are the INRIA representatives. The goal of Grid4All is to develop a grid infrastructure and middleware for the collaboration of dynamic, small virtual organizations such as communities, schools and families. The main technical innovation is to foster the combination of grid and P2P techniques to provide a light-weight, flexible solution. Atlas contributes to the definition of the P2P infrastructure (which is based on APPA) and to the development of two key services: resource discovery (using our mediation techniques) and optimistic replication (using our semantic reconciliation techniques).


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