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Section: Software

Keywords : medical imaging, image processing, MRI, DTI, f-MRI, fiber tracking, Log Euclidian, registration.


Participants : Nicolas Toussaint, Pierre Fillard.

MedINRIA (Medical Image Analysis Platform from Asclepios( )) is a platform containing a set of softwares, called modules, developed by the Asclepios team. It aims at providing state-of-the-art algorithms dedicated to medical image processing and visualization for clinicians. Efforts have been made to simplify the user interface, while keeping high-level algorithms. Each application is called a module, and can be loaded dynamically from a single main window. The platform uses ITK( ) for image processing, VTK( for visualization, and wxWidgets( ) for the user interface. MedINRIA is freely available from the Asclepios website for Microsoft windows XP, Linux Fedora Core 3.

Two different modules are currently available:

Several modules are underway, and will be plugged in MedINRIA. A registration module that will provide manual and semi-automatic registration will be ready very soon. See Fig. 2 .

Figure 1. left: Screenshot of the DTI Track module, showing a set of brain extracted fiber bundles, and a panel to set some visualization parameters such as their color. right: Screenshot of the DTI Track module, showing a MRI-T1 image of the brain displayed in volume rendering mode. A set of activated regions (f-MRI) are shown as colored isosurfaces, and a window summarizing some tensor-derived coefficient of these regions.
Figure 2. Screenshot of the future registration module showing a manual rigid registration of a DT-MRI baseline image (left) on a T1 image (right). The registration can be visually evaluated with a grid mixing the two images (red square on the right).


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