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Section: Dissemination

PhD Theses and Internships

PhD defended in 2006

  1. Vincent Arsigny, Processing Dtata in Lie Groups: an Algebraic Approach. Application to Non-Linear Registration and Diffusion Tensor MRI École Polytechnique, November 29, 2006. Committe: N. Ayache (Supervisor), I. Bloch (Referee), O. Faugeras, J. Gallier (Refereee), S. Mallat (President), X. Pennec (Co-supervisor), M. Sigelle (Invited).

  2. Olivier Clatz, Modeling of the biomechanical behavior of the brain: application to the prediction and simulation of neurosurgery , École des Mines de Paris, February 10, 2006. Committee: N. Ayache (Supervisor), H. Benali (Reviewer), P.-Y. Bondiau, J.-L. Chenot (President), H. Delingette (Co-Supervisor), S. Litrico (Invited), E, Mandonnet (Invited), Y. Payan (Reviewer)

  3. Guillaume Dugas-Phocion, Modeling and segmentation of mutiple sclerosis lesions in multi-sequences MR images , École des Mines de Paris. March 31, 2006. Committee: N. Ayache (Supervisor), Ch. Barillot (Reviewer), M.-A. González-Ballester, Ch. Lebrun, G. Malandain (Co-Supervisor), J.-Fr. Mangin (Reviewer), J.-Ph. Thirion.

Current PhDs

  1. Florence Billet, Analyse de la fonction cardiaque à l'aide d'un modèle électromécanique du cœur , Nice-Sophia-Antipolis University. Cardiosense3D.

  2. Jonathan Boisvert, Articulated models for augmented reality: application to minimally invasive spine surgery . Cotutelle (joint supervision) University of Nice-Sophia-Antipolis / Polytechnique School of Montreal, Canada.

  3. Olivier Commowick, Digital anatomical atlases for radiotherapy planning . University of Nice-Sophia-Antipolis. Cifre contract with Dosisoft, Paris.

  4. Jimena Costa, Segmentation of anatomical structures of the abdomen with deformable models . École des Mines de Paris.

  5. Stanley Durrleman, Joint modeling of the brain growth and of the population variability. Application to pediatric brain imaging. Nice-Sophia Antipolis University. In collaboration with A. Trouvé, CMLA, ENS.

  6. Pierre Fillard, Statistical modeling of the anatomical variability of the cortex , Nice-Sophia Antipolis University.

  7. Tristan Glatard, Computing with Massive Medical Image Databases on the GRID for the evaluation of clinical image analysis protocols . Nice-Sophia Antipolis University. In collaboration with J. Montagnat from the Rainbow team, I3S, Nice-Sophia Antipolis University.

  8. Heike Hufnagel, Statistical shape analysis of normal and pathological organs within the abdomen , University of Hamburg. PhD in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Heinz Handels, Institut für Medizinische Informatik, University of Hamburg.

  9. Ender Konukoglu, Modeling and control of tumor growth with medical imaging . Nice-Sophia Antipolis University.

  10. Jean-Marc Peyrat, Electro-mechanical models of the heart activity personnalized from medical images , Nice-Sophia Antipolis University.

  11. Jean-Christophe Souplet, Analysis of Multiple Sclerosis MRI images . Nice-Sophia-Antipolis University.

  12. Tom Vercauteren, Mosaicing and analysis of temporal sequences of in vivo confocal microscopic images . École des Mines de Paris.

Participation to thesis committees

Nicholas Ayache

participated to the PhD thesis committee of Valérie Moreau-Villéger (advisor), Saad Jbabdi (referee), Olivier Clatz (advisor), Guillaume Dugas-Phocion (advisor), Gwenaelle Douaud (examinator), Muriel Perrin (referee), Vincent Arsigny (advisor), Christophe Lenglet. He also participated to the HDR thesis committee of Grégoire Malandain, Hervé Delingette, Cyril Poupon (referee), and Xavier Pennec.

Hervé Delingette

was the examiner of the thesis of M. Marchal (Univ. J. Fourier Grenoble), O. Palombi (INPG Grenoble), L. Brix (U. of Aalborg, Denmark), P-F. Villard (Univ. Lyon I), D. Marchal (Univ. de Lille). He was the examiner on the Venia Legendi manuscript of M. Harders (ETH Zurich). He participated to the PhD thesis of O. Clatz.

Grégoire Malandain

participated as a referee to the PhD thesis committee of V. Boldea (Univ. Lyon II), L. Aït-Ali (Univ. Rennes I) and B. Delhay (INSA Lyon). He also participated to the PhD thesis committee of G. Dugas-Phocion as co-supervisor.

Xavier Pennec

participated to the PhD thesis committee of V. Arsigny as co-supervisor.

Training activities

  1. Romain Fernandez, Segmentation of the cardiovasccular system and characterisation of the aortic cross . Master IGMMV, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, 2006.

  2. Damien Lepiller, Adjustment of a volumetric model of cardiac electrical activity . Master IGMMV, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, 2006.

  3. Ouafaa Daki, Estimation of myocardium motion from tagged MRI . Master 1, University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, 2006.

  4. Romain Vauchelles, Mise en place d'un programme d'analyse d'images en wound healing et mise en évidence du rôle de l'activiation de Arf 1 par le GEF ARNO dans la migration cellulaire , Master Imagerie pour la Biologie, Université de Rouen, 2006.


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