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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National initiatives

INRIA Large Collaborative Effort CARDIOSENSE3D

Participants : Hervé Delingette [ coordinator ] , Nicholas Ayache, Maxime Sermesant, Valérie Moreau-Villéger.

The national action CARDIOSENSE3D has been launched in May 2005 on the topic of cardiac simulation. This 4-year action gathers the expertise of four INRIA research teams (Asclepios, Macs, Reo and Sosso2) on this multi-disciplinary research topic.

CardioSense3D has three main objectives :

  1. To build a cardiac simulator that couples four different physiological phenomena

  2. To estimate patient specific parameters and state variables from observations (images, electrophysiology mappings) of the cardiac activity,

  3. To build several applications to solve clinical problems related to the diagnosis or therapy of cardiac pathologies.

H. Delingette is in charge of the coordination of this action. More information can be found at the following web site

ACI Masse de Donnée AGIR

Participants : Xavier Pennec [ correspondant ] , Tristan Glatard, Johan Montagnat [ I3S ] .

Grid Analysis of Radiological Images Data (in French: Analyse Globalisée des données d'Imagerie Radiologique - AGIR) is a multi-disciplinary research project with focus on leveraging medical imaging algorithms through grid systems, funded by the French Research Ministry through the ACI (Action Concertée Incitative) Masses de Données.

AGIR gathers researchers in computer science, physics and medecine from CNRS, INRIA, Universities, INSERM, and hospitals. Its goals are to to define and validate new grid services that address some of the requirements of complex medical image processing and data manipulation application ; and new medical image processing algorithms that take advantage of the underlying grid infrastructure for computing and data intensive needs. The project started in september 2004, and supports the PhD of T. Glatard, jointly supervised by X. Pennec at ASCLEPIOS and J. Montagnat at RAINBOW (I3S, Nice University). We refer the reader to Section 6.6.1 for the scientific results of the project.

ATP CIRAD Meristem Grant

Participants : Romain Fernandez [ CIRAD ] , Christophe Godin [ Virtual Plants ] , Jean-Luc Verdeil [ CIRAD ] , Grégoire Malandain [ Correspondant ] , Olivier Devillers [ Geometrica ] .

Contractor for Virtual Plants: CIRAD. From December 2005 until December 2008

3D imagery and geometrical modeling of meristems . The aim of this Action Thématique Programmée of CIRAD is twofold. We first intend to design 3D visualization techniques of the meristem architecture at cellular and molecular levels. Second, we aim at developing a generic geometric model of the meristem able to support various treatments and modelling processes at cell scale (characterization of meristem geometry, cell growth, mechanical forces, circulation of hormone fluxes, ...). Data will be collected from bi-photon microscopy at CIRAD (in the context of the RIO imaging platform) on rice, a model plant for agronomy, and on other perennial species to characterize the state of the meristem at different phenological states or for different environmental constraints. The project includes several teams from CIRAD, INRA and IRD, and 3 INRIA projects: Asclepios, Geometrica and Virtual Plants.


Participants : Grégoire Malandain [ correspondant ] , Jean-Christophe Souplet, Christine Lebrun [ Neurology, Pasteur Hospital, Nice ] .

QUALICORE is a phase IV pharmaceutical study which is funded by SERONO and that aimed at evaluated the quality of life of MS patients under treatment. Five national hospitals participate to it, namely Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon, Marseille, Montpellier and Nice. Asclepios is in charge of the MR image processing package.

INRIA Cooperative Research Initiative REGLO

Participants : Johan Debayle, Grégoire Malandain [ correspondant ] .

The Cooperative Research Initiative named REGulation of Ovulation (REGLO) , coordinated by F. Clément from the SOSSO2 team, aims to study the follicular development in mammals, and proposes mathematical models that allow to follow the granulosa cell population, and then to predict the outcome of the follicular development (ovulation or degeneration) with respect to the hormonal environment.

COLOR Medmesh

Participant : Hervé Delingette [ correspondant ] .

This work is conducted in collaboration with the Geometrica, Odyssée, Caiman teams and the Inserm Unit U751 in Marseille

The INRIA local initiative named Medmesh is coordinated by Mariette Yvinec (Geometrica). It aims to develop meshing techniques for the generation of meshes extracted from medical images and suited for applications such as visualisation, simulation and therapy planning.

COLOR Ab in vivo Ad in silico

Participants : Grégoire Malandain [ correspondant ] , Nicholas Ayache.

This work is conducted in collaboration with Hélène Barelli (IPMC, Sophia-Antipolis)

The INRIA local initiative named Ab in vivo Ad in vilico and coordinated by A. Habbal from the OPALE team, aims to study the mathematical models of the healing process and to validate them with image processing procedures [99] .

Consulting for Industry

Collaboration with national hospitals

Here we provide a list of research centers in national hospitals with whom we collaborate in common research projects.

IRCAD, hôpitaux de Strasbourg

Pr. Marescaux and L. Soler : hepatic surgery simulation segmentation of abdominal structures from CT scan images and augmented reality for guidance in hepatic surgery [133] , [134] .

Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpétrière, Paris

Dr. J. Yelnik (INSERM U.289), Pr. D. Dormont, and E. Bardinet (CNRS) are our partners in a collaboration with Medtronic [114] .

Centre anti-cancer Antoine Lacassagne, Hôpital Pasteur, Nice

Dr. Bondiau participates in our research on atlas registration for radiotherapy planning and on tumour growth simulation [82] .

CHU de Nice, Hôpital Pasteur

We continue our collaboration with Dr. C. Lebrun-Frenay of the neurology department, and with Dr. Chanalet of the radiology department, within the framework of a study on the temporal evolution of MS lesion load.

Collaboration with international hospitals

Guy's Hospital, London, United Kingdom

Maxime Sermesant is a part-time research associate in the Interdisciplinary Medical Imaging Group, Division of Imaging Sciences, Guy's Hospital, King's College London. The XMR facility within this hospital is a unique possibility to validate and exploit the cardiovascular modelling work.


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