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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


Participants : Hervé Delingette [ Correspondant ] , François Poyer, Nicholas Ayache.

This EUREKA project involves three industrial partners (Karl Storz, SimSurgery and France Telecom), a cancer research institute (IRCAD) and three groups from INRIA (Alcove, Asclepios and Evasion). Its objective is to build computer-aided diagnosis, surgery planning and surgery simulation software to increase the efficacy of therapies against cancer of the lower abdomen. In this project, Asclepios is involved in the development of soft tissue models in a surgery simulation platform.

To this end, Asclepios is collaborating with the INRIA teams Alcove and Evasion and the CIMIT center in Boston (USA) to develop a platform named SOFA (Simulation Open Framework Architecture)( ) . SOFA code is now being developed with the INRIA Gforge and is a generic, versatile and open platform that includes many software components useful for real-time medical simulation. In 2006, we have focused on the management of topological changes which occur when simulating suturing or dissection. SOFA has been demonstrated during a plenary meeting in June in Boston and during one workshop in August at Stanford University.


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