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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


Participants : Cyril Soler [ contact ] , Francois Sillion.

Noveltis is a company established in Toulouse (France) and its main activity is to perform studies of applicability and to provide usable solutions to clients in various scientific application domains such as atmospheric physics and chemistry, oceanography, land surfaces and astrophysics. The technology itself is obtained through consolidation and promotion of scientific work as a tool for analysing and managing environmental problems. Noveltis is developing a partnership with INRIA for using the PlantRad software developed by ARTIS into a framework for simulating embeded sensors on satellites. In this context PlantRad serves for the computation of the reflectance of mixed forest and urban regions of the earth surface. This collaborative work has led to a publication with the Radiation Transfer Model Intercomparison work teamĀ [12] .


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