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Section: Software


Participants : Samuel Hornus, Joëlle Thollot.

The MobiNet software allows creation of simple applications such as video games or pedagogic illustrations relying on intuitive graphical interface and language allowing to program a set of mobile objects (possibly through a network). This software is available in public domain for Linux and Windows( ) and made in collaboration with the EVASION INRIA project. The main aim is pedagogical: MobiNet allows young students at high school level with no programming skills to experiment with the notions they learn in math and physics by creating simple video games. This platform was massively used during the INPG ``engineer weeks'': 150 senior high school pupils per year, doing a 3h practice. This work is partly funded by INPG. Various contacts are currently developed in the teaching world. Finally, mobinet was decribed in a publication at the Eurographics conference [37] in 2004.


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