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Section: Dissemination

Scientific diffusion and Education

The proper diffusion of scientific results is an important part of their value. Since most of this diffusion is done using the web, a new bibliography server has been developed to ease this diffusion( ). A search engine browses all the publications: download is made easy, and all associated documents (images, videos, abstract, bibTex...) are also available. This kind of local bibliographic tool is not widely spread in the academic community, and we tried to make our system easy to distribute, so that it can be shared.

Most of the members of the team (faculty members as well as Ph. D. students) give courses. This educational effort is also present in the distribution of libraries such as libQGLViewer, which have a real pedagogical interest since they simplify and explain the creation of computer graphics images. The project is also involved in the animation of the ``fete de la science'' (scientific vulgarization event), and is often consulted for its scientific expertise.


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