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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Association with MIT CSAIL graphics group

INRIA's office of international relations has set up in 2001 a program for ``associated teams'' that bring together an INRIA project-team and a foreign research team, providing a form of institutional recognition to stable scientific collaborations involving several researchers on each side.

An ``associated team'' was created in for the 2003-2005 period between ARTIS and the MIT graphics group (CSAIL Lab) on the subject of Flexible Rendering . It has been extended for 2006 and 2007. This association, now in its fourth year, has been extremely positive: several research actions (described above in the results sections) have been performed jointly with MIT researchers.

The associated team has helped this collaboration on a practical level by providing funding for researcher exchanges. The two teams know each other very well and frequent visits and conference calls make actual cooperation a reality (for instance publications [27] , [28] , [31] , [30] , [32] , [29] are co-signed by researchers from the two groups).

The activity of the associate team in 2006 focused on the following two items:


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