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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International Initiatives

Contributions to Standardization Bodies

The IEEE-754 standard for floating-point arithmetic is under revision. Our work correctly-rounded elementary functions has had an influence on the revision committee: an appendix to the IEEE-754 R proposal now suggests that some elementary functions should be correctly rounded (see ). On November 2, 2006, Paul Zimmermann (Spaces), and Nicolas Brisebarre and Jean-Michel Muller (Arénaire) presented the latest results on correctly-rounded transcendentals to the revision committee.

The challenges encountered when developing the Boost library [16] made clear how an interval arithmetic library and the C++ language have to interact. As a consequence, G. Melquiond wrote, in collaboration with H. Brönnimann (Polytechnic U. Brooklyn, NY USA) and S. Pion (Géométrica team, Sophia-Antipolis), a proposal [51] for integrating interval arithmetic to the C++ standard library which was submitted to the C++ Standards committee (ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG21). H. Brönnimann and S. Pion participated to the Fall meeting of the revision committee in 2006. The extension of this standard proposal to arbitrary precision interval arithmetic has been studied in [46] .


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