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Section: Software

FLIP: Floating-point Library for Integer Processors

Participants : C.-P. Jeannerod, S.-K. Raina.

FLIP is a C library for efficient software support of single precision floating-point arithmetic on processors without floating-point hardware units such as VLIW or DSP processors for embedded applications. The current target architecture is the VLIW ST200 family from STMicroelectronics. This research project has been funded by Région Rhône-Alpes and STMicroelectronics from October 2004 to September 2006. The second release (FLIP 0.2) is now embedded into the standard tools STMicroelectronics delivers to its customers. FLIP 0.3 has been released in 2006.

Status: Beta release (Flip-0.3) / Target: VLIW processors (ST200 family from STMicroelectronics) / License: LGPL / OS: Linux, Windows / Programming Language: C / URL:


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