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Section: Software

Keywords : arithmetic operators, function evaluation, floating-point, LNS, FPGA.

FPLibrary: a Library of Operators for ``Real'' Arithmetic on FPGAs

Participants : J. Detrey, F. de Dinechin.

FPLibrary is a VHDL library that describes arithmetic operators (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and square root) for two formats of representation of real numbers: floating-point, and logarithmic number system (LNS) [32] . These formats are parametrized in precision and range. FPLibrary is the first hardware library to offer parametrized hardware architectures for elementary functions in addition to the basic operations.

It has been extended in 2006 by a dual sine/cosine operator [37] , a new, more accurate LNS subtraction operator (contributed by S. Collange and M. Arnold from Lehigh University), and new versions of floating-point logarithm and exponential operators [53] which scale up to double precision.

Status: stable / Target: FPGA and ASIC / License: LGPL / OS: any / Programming Language: VHDL / URL:


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