Team Arénaire

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Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry
Other Grants and Activities

Arénaire is a joint project of CNRS, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, INRIA, and Université Claude Bernard de Lyon. A part of the Laboratoire de l'Informatique du Parallélisme (LIP, UMR 5668), it is located at Lyon in the buildings of the ÉNS.

Section: Members

Head of the team

Gilles Villard [ Research Scientist, DR CNRS, HdR ]

Administrative Assistant

Sylvie Boyer [ TR INRIA, 20% on the project ]

INRIA Scientists

Édouard Bechetoille [ Technical Staff, from 2005-10-01 to 2006-11-30 ]
Claude-Pierre Jeannerod [ Research Scientist, CR ]
Vincent Lefèvre [ Research Scientist, CR ]
Nathalie Revol [ Research Scientist, CR ]

CNRS Scientists

Jean-Michel Muller [ Research Scientist, DR, HdR ]
Damien Stehlé [ Research Scientist, CR ]

ÉNS Lyon Scientists

Florent de Dinechin [ Associate Professor, Maître de Conférences ]
Serge Torres [ Technical Staff ]

U. St-Étienne Scientist

Nicolas Brisebarre [ Associate Professor, Maître de Conférences ]

PhD Students

Francisco Cháves [ European Marie Curie grant Mathlogaps, 3rd year ]
Sylvain Chevillard [ ÉNS student Allocataire-moniteur , 1st year ]
Jérémie Detrey [ ÉNS student Allocataire-moniteur INSA, 4th year ]
Christoph Lauter [ Allocataire-moniteur MESR ÉNS, 2nd year ]
Guillaume Melquiond [ ÉNS student Allocataire-moniteur INSA, thesis defended in November 2006 ]
Romain Michard [ INRIA grant, 3rd year ]
Saurabh Kumar Raina [ Grant from the Région Rhône-Alpes , thesis defended in September 2006 ]
Guillaume Revy [ Allocataire-moniteur MESR ÉNS, 1st year ]
Nicolas Veyrat-Charvillon [ Allocataire-moniteur MESR ÉNS, 3rd year ]


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