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Section: Dissemination


Leadership within the Scientific Community

Jens Gustedt is elected member of INRIA scientific board .

Emmanuel Jeannot is member of the steering committee of the GRID'5000 project and head of the Nancy site. Martin Quinson is serving as vice-head for the Grid'5000 project.

Scientific Expertise

In 2006, Jens Gustedt was a member of the thesis committee of Timothée Bossart, University Paris 6 and has served as an external expert for the evaluation of scientific projects in regional initiatives for information science and technology in a neighboring European country.

Teaching Activities

Frédéric Suter is teaching Algorithmique et programmation (L1), Réseaux et Internet (M2Pro-IMOI) and Grilles informatiques et algorithmique distribuée avancée at Henri Poincaré University.

Martin Quinson is teaching the following modules at ÉSIAL (University Henri Poincaré): C et Shell (1A), Réseaux et système (2A) and Programmation d'applications réparties (3A) (third year). He also participates to the following modules: Informatique de base (1A), Algorithmique Parallèle et Distribuée (3A) and Grilles informatiques et algorithmique distribuée avancée at Henri Poincaré University. He is also responsible of the specialization Système et Applications Distribués of ÉSIAL.

Luiz Angelo Steffenel is teaching the following modules at IUT Nancy Charlemagne (Nancy 2 University): Introduction à l'Algorithmique (DUT 1A), Bases de la Programmation - Java (DUT 1A), Systèmes de Gestion de Bases de Données (DUT 2A), Architecture 1 (DUT 1A Bis), Administration de Systèmes de Gestion de Bases de Données (DUT AS). He also participated to the following modules at the UFR Mathématique et Informatique (Nancy 2 University): Programmation C Avancée (MIAGE 3A), Certificat C2I (1A).

Editorial Activities

Since October 2001, Jens Gustedt is Editor-in-Chief of the journal Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DMTCS ). DMTCS is an journal that is published electronically by an independent association under French law. Based on a contract with INRIA , its main web-server is located at the LORIA . DMTCS has acquired a good visibility within the concerned domains of Computer Science and Mathematics. In 2006, in addition to its journal activities DMTCS has published two conference proceedings.

In 2006, Jens Gustedt has served as program committee member of the 2006 International Conference on Parallel Processing ICPP '06 and for the special volume of Parallel Computing on large scale grids.

Emmanuel Jeannot, Jens Gustedt and Stéphane Vialle have been members of the program committee of RenPar 2006 (17ème rencontre du paraléllisme) .


In 2006, members of the team served as referees for the following journals and conferences:


Advances in Engineering Software and Computer and Structures Journal Discrete Applied Mathematics, IEICE transactions, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, International Journal of High Performance Computing, Journal of Parallel Distributed Computing, Parallel Computing, Journal of Scientific Programming


CARI 2006, e-Science 2006 EuroPar 2006, HCW 2007, ICON 2006, ICPP 2006, IPDPS 2006, RenPar 2006, SIMS 2006


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