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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National Initiatives

CNRS initiatives, GDR-ARP and specific initiatives

We participate at numerous national initiatives. In the GDR-ASR (architecture, systems, and networks) we take part in TAROT , (Techniques algorithmiques, réseaux et d'optimisation pour les télécommunications ), Grappes(Architecture, systèmes, outils et applications pour réseaux de stations de travail hautes performances ), and RGE , (Réseau Grand Est ). We also participate to the animation of the GDR-ASR as a whole.

The fincances of RGE, lead by Stéphane Vialle at Supélec, are maintained by AlGorille.

ACI initiatives of the French Research Ministry

We are partners in several projects of different ACI initiatives:

ARA Initiatives of the French Research Ministry

We are partners in one project of the ARA Masse de données (thematic call to project from the French Research Ministry):

INRIA New Investigation Grant

The goal of the ARC OTaPHe is to federate conceptual and experimental researches around parallel task scheduling conducted by the AlGorille, Graal , Mescal and Moais INRIA teams. Our approach consists in defining models taking computational grid heterogeneity into account. These models however have to remain simple. From those models guaranteed heuristics will be designed and implemented into the DIET and OAR middlewares in order to validate them.


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