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Section: Software


Participant : Martin Quinson.

The GRAS (Grid Reality And Simulation) framework eases the development of Grid services and infrastructures.

GRAS provides a C ANSI interface to build distributed services and infrastructure for the Grid. Two implementations of this API are provided: the first one (called Grid R&D Kit) lets the developers experiment, test and debug their work within the SimGrid simulator. The other implementation (called Grid Runtime Environment) allows the resulting programs to run efficiently on real systems.

The simulator thus greatly eases the research and development of Grid services (such as for example monitoring infrastructure or distributed storage systems). In addition, the Grid Runtime Environment is ported to Linux, Windows, Solaris, Mac OS X, AIX and IRIX operating systems, and to 9 hardware architectures. Services built on top of this achieve better communication performance than heterogeneous implementations of the MPI protocol.

This tool is now integrated into the SimGrid framework, and available from .


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