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Overall Objectives
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Application Domains
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Section: Application Domains

Providing Environments for Experiments

Participants : Xavier Delaruelle, Jens Gustedt, Emmanuel Jeannot, Martin Quinson.

Simulating Grid Platforms

We participate to the development of the SimGrid tool. It enables the simulation of distributed applications in distributed computing environments for the specific purpose of developing and evaluating scheduling algorithms. Simulations not only allow repeatable results (what is hard to achieve on shared resources) but also make it possible to explore wide ranges of platform and application scenarios. SimGrid implements realistic fluid network models that result in very fast yet precise simulations. SimGrid also enables the simulation of distributed scheduling agents, which has become critical for current scheduling research in large-scale platforms. This tool is being used by several groups in the Grid Scheduling literature.

Emulating Heterogeneity

We have designed a tool called Wrekavoc . The goal of Wrekavoc is to define and control the heterogeneity of a given platform by degrading CPU, network or memory capabilities of each node composing this platform. Our current implementation of Wrekavoc have been tested on an homogeneous cluster. We have shown that configuring a set of nodes is very fast. Micro-benchmarks show that we are able to independently degrade CPU, bandwidth and latency to the desired values. Tests on algorithms of the literature (load balancing and matrix multiplication) confirm the previous results and show that Wrekavoc is a suitable tool for developing, studying and comparing algorithms in heterogeneous environments.


We participate to the development of the Grid'5000 platform. Its purpose is to serve as an experimental testbed for research in Grid Computing. In addition to theory, simulators and emulators, there is a strong need for large scale testbeds where real life experimental conditions hold. Grid'5000 aims at building a highly reconfigurable, controlable and monitorable experimental Grid platform gathering nine sites geographically distributed in France featuring a total of five thousands CPUs. We are in charge of one of these nine sites and we currently provide about one hundred processors to the community.


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