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Section: Overall Objectives

Keywords : 3D framework, cooperative virtual world, virtual reality, HCI, physical modeling, interaction models, 3D interfaces.

Overall Objectives

Our project aims at defining new methods and tools for cooperative frameworks. This work is at the edge of several research areas : physical modeling, virtual reality, and HCI.

Our project deals with these three research areas. In the animation and simulation field, we aim at defining virtual objects behaving like real ones. As far as Virtual Reality is concerned, we focus on providing the users with natural interaction with the computer models. Last, we contribute to the HCI community by proposing and experimenting new interaction models and 3D interfaces between the users and the computer objects. Our team has been developping for several years a non-immersive 3D environment mimicking a meeting room. A group of users, each one using its own computer, can meet in a virtual office and work together. Such a concept involves new problems, like manipulating virtual objects inside a cooperative framework (how to model real objects ? how to interact with these models ?).

Our research currently focuses on fives subjects: one on physical models, one on Collaborative Virtual Environments and three around interactions : 3D HCI, tactile actuators and interaction between models and a main application area: medical simulation.


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