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Section: New Results

Microscopic aspects in the dynamic exploration of fine haptic textures.

Participants : Melisande Biet, Christophe Chaillou, Betty Lemaire-Semail, François Martinot, Patrica Plénacoste.

For given exploration tasks of haptic textures, we found a random strategy in directed motion [31] . Measurement campaigns also allowed to conclude on a lack of consistent relationships between the texture relief and vibratory phenomena at contact [31] [30] [29] . This was explained by the tribologic complexity of touch at a microscopic scale induced by the presence of epidermal ridges. Even if macroscopic phenomena mainly explain perception, we suggest that it is important to consider the micromechanics of touch [29] . Thus, we showed the importance of the interlocking between surface states to perceive the fine texture [29] . To quantify the roughness intensity, we have to explore whether the shape of the skin texture conforms to the relief of the haptic texture in order to perceive the micro texture [24] : the fingerprint pattern justifies then the control of the voluntary motion. This feature applies in the case of fine texture. New design guidelines emerged for kinaesthetic and tactile displays [20] .


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