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Section: New Results

Keywords : nonlinear deformation, cloth simulation, physically based modeling, parameter identification, hysteresis, solid friction, numerical computation.

Nonlinear cloth simulation

Participants : Cyril Ngo-Ngoc, Samuel Boivin.

We have developed a new cloth model that is based on the Kawabata Evaluation System (KES). It reproduces the behavior of a cloth using the parameters coming from direct measurements on real clothes. Therefore we propose an identification procedure to compute all the physical parameters of our model directly from the KES curves. Since many textile manufacturers use this KES to design their fabrics, we are able to accurately simulate their real fabrics in computer graphics using the manufacturer's parameters. We are currently working on the production of a high quality movie with a famous special effects company. We have filmed a fashion show with a real mannequin wearing complex clothes, and we are reproducing this video in computer graphics by creating a virtual fashion identical to the original one using our cloth model. This work is very hard to achieve and we are still working on different details in order to validate our physical model. We have also recently decided to try to recover the KES parameters videos of real fabric samples using the a similar technique than the one we used for deformable bodies (see section 6.6 ).


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