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Scientific Foundations
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New Results
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Section: New Results

Interactive Accurate Simulation of Cables

Participants : Adrien Theetten, Laurent Grisoni, Christophe Chaillou, Brian Barsky, Xavier Merlhiot, Claude Andriot.

Figure 4. Virtual cable positioning on a car door.

We have proposed a complete model handling physical simulation of deformable 1D objects. The formulation of continuous expressions for stretching, bending and twisting energies has provided mechanically rigorous and geometrically exact simulations. We have also handled both elastic and plastic deformations to simulate a wide range of materials. We have then validated our model on several classical test configurations. The use of geometrical exact energies with dynamic splines has provided very accurate results as well as interactive simulation time, which has shown the suitability of the model for constrained CAD applications. We have illustrated the application potential of the proposed model by describing a virtual system for cable positioning 4 , that can be used to test compatibility between planned fixing clip positions, and mechanical cable properties. More details are available in our research report [34] .


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