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Major publications by the team in recent years

S. Boivin, A. Gagalowicz.
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Publications of the year

Doctoral dissertations and Habilitation theses

M. François.
Characterization of the Dynamic Influence of Touch in Texture Perception,, Ph. D. Thesis, Doctoral Dissertation of the Science and Technology University of Lille, Oct 2006.
D. Marchal.
Simulation d'objets déformables et découpables pour la simulation temps-réel, Ph. D. Thesis, Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, 2006.

Articles in refereed journals and book chapters

C. Duriez, S. Cotin, J. Lenoir, P. F. Neumann.
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and identification of a planar standing wave ultrasonic motor, in: European Journal of Applied Physics AP, Jan 2006, vol. 34, no 1, p. 55–65.

Publications in Conferences and Workshops

M. Biet, L. Boulon, F. Martinot, F. Giraud, B. Semail.
Using an Ultrasonic Transducer: Evidence for an Anisotropic Deprivation of Frictional Cues in Microtexture Perception,, in: World haptics 2007, Tsukuba, Japan, to appear.
M. Biet, F. Giraud, F. Martinot, B. Semail.
A Piezoelectric Tactile Display Using Travelling Lamb Wave, in: Eurohaptics 2006, Paris, France, Jul 2006.
M. Biet, F. Giraud, B. Semail.
New tactile devices using piezoelectric actuators, in: Actuator 2006, Bremen Germany, Jun 2006.
C. Chaillou.
A physically-based Environment dedicated to Surgical Simulation: principles and examples, in: 2nd Workshop on Computer Assisted Diagnosis and Surgery, Santiago (Chile), March 2006.
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F. Martinot, P. Plénacoste, C. Chaillou.
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Internal Reports

A. Theetten, L. Grisoni, C. Andriot, B. Barsky.
Geometrically Exact Dynamic Splines, Technical report, INRIA-Futurs, 2006