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Section: Overall Objectives

Overall Objectives

Context and Objectives

Our multidisciplinary project aims at offering methodological and software support (i.e. models, methods and tools) for knowledge management (KM), i.e., for building, managing and distributing a corporate memory. This research can be extended to any organization or community.

Research Topics

We study the case where the building of a corporate memory relies on use of knowledge underlying documents, on the management of links between documents and knowledge bases or on the modeling of multiple viewpoints. We study knowledge acquisition, modeling and management from multiple expertise sources (experts and documents). We are especially interested in several scenarios of corporate memory: technical memory, profession memory and project memory, in particular in concurrent design, skills management and scientific and technological watch.

We study the problems raised by the dissemination of knowledge through a knowledge server via the corporate Intranet or via the Web: we consider the semantic Web as a privileged way for supporting management of knowledge distributed either inside a company or between several companies. We aim at building knowledge servers enabling search for information in a heterogeneous corporate memory, this search being ``intelligently'' guided by ontologies and semantic annotations.

We pioneered the notion of ``corporate semantic Web'' for a company or a community. We focus on the case of a corporate memory materialized in the form of a XML-based corporate semantic Web.

For representing ontologies or knowledge models, we use Sowa's conceptual graphs formalism and the languages of the XML galaxy (especially RDF - Resource Description Framework).

Our research topics can be decomposed as follows:

International and industrial relations

We collaborate or collaborated with industrialists in the following fields: aeronautics (Aerospace, Dassault-Aviation, EADS), car industry (Renault), telecommunications (CSELT, T-NOVA, Telecom Valley), service integration (Atos Origin), semi-conductors (Philips Semi-Conductors). We also had collaborations with researchers in accidentology (INRETS) and in the field of health (Nautilus). Currently we have collaborations in civil engineering sector (CSTB) and in biology (IPMC). We had international relations with Griffith University and CSIRO (Australia), Parma University (Italia) and T-Systems Nova (Germany).

Our work was applied in the context of the IST project CoMMA and we took part in the OntoWeb thematic network. We take part in the Knowledge Web Network of Excellence, in the integrated project Palette and in the STREPS projects Sealife and SevenPro.


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