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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National Actions

ANR RNTL project e-WOK_HUB

Participants : Mohamed Bennis, Olivier Corby, Rose Dieng-Kuntz [ resp. ] , Priscille Durville, Fabien Gandon, Alain Giboin.

e-WOK_HUB is a 3 year ANR RNTL project, coordinated by the Acacia team, with IFP, BRGM, EADS, ENSMP, ENSMA and CRITT as partners. eWOK-Hub aims at building a set of communicating portals (the e-WOK Hubs), offering both: (a) web applications accessible to end-users through online interfaces, and (b) web services accessible to applications through programmatic interfaces As applicative objectives, e-WOK_HUB aims at enabling management of the memory of several projects on CO2 capture and storage, with use of results of technological watch on the domain.

Acacia is responsible for WP2 on Generic Tools and Services.

Support to ontology creation

We interacted with IFP and BRGM in order to support the specification of their end-users scenarios, enabling to determine their needs on ontologies and on semantic annotations.

We specified and implemented a cooperative ontology editor, OntologyCreator, dedicated to support end-users in a cooperative process of ontology construction.

Management and composition tools of Web Services

The e-WOK_HUB architecture is intended to rely on a Web service-oriented architecture. Web Service is a standardized way of integrating applications over the Web. The objective of our work is to facilitate development and composition of web services. Thus, we studied the various existing tools to this aim. In particular, we studied the various applications servers, for example:

We also studied tools which are focused on the realization of the lifecycle of a Web service. First, we tested the usability of the development of the services by using Apache Axis, i.e. the deployment server for Web services, then we used Jaxws (Java API for XML Web Services), a project of annotations of the Java classes which generate descriptors of the Web services (WSDL files). We continued our approach to carry out a complete architecture which is based on semantic framework using ontologies and semantic descriptions of Web services. This overall architecture will be linked to Sewese and Corese.

Working Groups

Members of the Acacia team take part in several working groups:


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