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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


Participants : Michel Buffa, Olivier Corby, Sophie de Bonis, Sylvain Dehors, Rose Dieng, Fabien Gandon, Alain Giboin (resp), Aurélie Girardot.

UsableIntranet2 project, funded by ILOG Sophia Antipolis, is a six-month follow-up project to the INRIA Colors action UsableIntranet (see Acacia activity report 2005). As UsableIntranet, UsableIntranet2 deals with the usage-oriented evaluation and redesign of corporate intranets. It makes informatics specialists and usability specialists collaborate to identify ways to help informatics specialists effectively integrate the usage aspects in the intranet design process and improve intranet usability. Four teams are involved in UsableIntranet2, three academic teams, with pluridisciplinary and complementary competencies, and an industrial team: Acacia, M@inline (Multimedia @pplications Involving Non Linear Information for Networked Education, I3S Laboratory, UNSA, CNRS), PCE (Psychologie cognitive et ergonomique, Laboratoire de Psychologie Expérimentale et Quantitative (LPEQ) de l'UNSA), Webcore (ILOG, Sophia Antipolis). Two societies specialized in usability engineering participated also to the project, namely: LudoTIC and Dia-Logos.

The UsableIntranet group has been invited by ClubNet, a French association gathering intranet managers ( ), to present the group's work during a thematic workshop organized by the association in April 2006. Presentations were also made by members of the group at the Intraweb Workshop (held in conjunction with the WWW'2006 Conference), and WikiSym'2006 (International Symposium on Wikis).


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