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Section: Software

The CADP Toolbox

Participants : Damien Bergamini, David Champelovier, Hubert Garavel [ contact person ] , Christophe Joubert, Frédéric Lang, Radu Mateescu, Wendelin Serwe.

We maintain and enhance Cadp ( Construction and Analysis of Distributed Processes – formerly known as Cæsar / Aldébaran Development Package ), a toolbox for protocols and distributed systems engineering (see ). In this toolbox, we develop the following tools:

The Cadp toolbox also includes additional tools, such as Aldébaran and Tgv ( Test Generation based on Verification ) developed by the Verimag laboratory (Grenoble) and the Vertecs team of Inria Rennes.

The Cadp tools are well-integrated and can be accessed easily using either the Eucalyptus graphical interface or the Svl   [5] scripting language. Both Eucalyptus and Svl provide users with an easy, uniform access to the Cadp tools by performing file format conversions automatically whenever needed and by supplying appropriate command-line options as the tools are invoked.