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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

The Topcased project

Participants : Hubert Garavel, Frédéric Lang, Nathalie Lépy.

TopCased ( Toolkit in OPen-source for Critical Application and SystEms Development ) is a project of Aese , the French pôle de compétitivité dedicated to aeronautics, space, and embedded systems. This project gathers 23 partners, including companies developing safety-critical systems such as Airbus (leader), Astrium , Atos Origin , Cs , Siemens VDO , and Thales Aerospace .

TopCased develops a modular, open-source, generic Case environment providing methods and tools for embedded system development, ranging from system and architecture specifications to software and hardware implementation through equipment definition.

In 2005, the Vasy team contributed to TopCased as regards the combination of model-driven engineering and formal methods for asynchronous systems. H. Garavel is the Inria representative at the TopCased executive committee, as well as the secretary of this committee. H. Garavel and F. Lang gave several tutorials and demonstrations of the Cadp tools to the TopCased participants. Finally, N. Lépy attended a 5-day training session on Eclipse organized at Airbus (Toulouse, France).


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