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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

The IST ArchWare European Contract

Participants : David Champelovier, Hubert Garavel, Frédéric Lang, Radu Mateescu, Wendelin Serwe.

ArchWare ( Architecting Evolvable Software ) is a project of the European ``Information Society Technologies'' program ( Ist -2001-32360). Started on January 1st, 2002, ArchWare gathers the Research Consortium of Pisa ( Cpr ), the Engineering company (Italy), the University of Savoie ( Listic laboratory and ``Association Interaction Université-Economie'' — InterUnec ), the Thésame company (France), the Universities of Manchester and St Andrews (United Kingdom), and the Vasy team of Inria .

The aim of ArchWare is to build an integrated environment for architecting evolvable software systems with functional and performance requirements  [58] .

In this context, Vasy contributed to the definition of Aal ( Architecture Analysis Language ), a language dedicated to the description of behavioral properties of software architectures. Aal contains operators borrowed from first-order logic and modal $ \mu$ -calculus, extended with predicates specific to architectural descriptions. It allows to specify both style-related structural properties (e.g., connectivity between components, cardinality, etc.) and architecture-related behavioral properties (e.g., safety, liveness, fairness).

Vasy identified a fragment of Aal expressive enough for a large number of property patterns relevant to software architectures and developed a model checker for this fragment. This model checker translates the temporal formulas into boolean equation systems, which are solved on the models produced by the execution of the ArchWare virtual machine; the model checker is also equiped with diagnostics generation facilities.

Initially planned to terminate at the end of 2004, ArchWare was extended until June 30, 2005, this additional period being mainly devoted to integration and maintenance activities, dissemination, and preparation of the project final review. From our participation to ArchWare , we draw two main conclusions:


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