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Section: New Results

Keywords : Rendering, Natural objects, Volume rendering.

Rendering of natural objects

Participants : Kadi Bouatouch, Kévin Boulanger.

We have designed and implemented a software for interactive rendering of natural objects such as grass and trees.

Grass and other natural objects on the Earth's surface make up most of the natural 3D scenes. Real-time realistic rendering of grass (or natural objects) has always been difficult due to the excessive number of grass blades (or leaves, flowers, etc.). Overcoming this geometric complexity usually requires many coarse approximations to provide interactive frame rates when rendering. However, the performance comes at the cost of poor lighting quality and lack of detail. We are interested in developing a grass (and different natural objects) rendering technique (also valid for any natural object) that allows better lighting and parallax effect while maintaining real-time performance. We use a novel combination of geometry and lit volume slices, composed of Bidirectional Texture Functions (BTFs), to achieve the high fidelity requirement. BTFs, generated using a fast pre-computation step, provide an accurate, per-pixel, lighting of the grass, leaves, etc. Our approach combines surface rendering and volume rendering. Levels of detail are also accounted for. Our method allows the rendering of a soccer field, containing approximately half a billion grass blades, with dynamic lighting in real-time (cf figure 13 ).

Figure 13. Different views of a grass field


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