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Section: Software

GVT : GIAT Virtual Training

Participants : Bruno Arnaldi, Nicolas Mollet, Xavier Larrodé, Stéphanie Gerbaud.

In 2005, the GVT project, whose context is presented at the ``industrial contracts'' section, has lead up to the first official release of the GVT software. Giat-Industries is now ending the marketing process, and GVT1.0 software is ready for sell.

Our models and engineering developments have been validating by the Giat-Industries quality service. Datas (VRML models, behaviors and scenarii) have been produced on our models by an industrial partner named Virtualis. GVT is using the latest release of OpenMASK and contributing in future releases and functionalities.

The aim of GVT1.0 software is to offer personalized VR training sessions for industrial equipments. The most important features are


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