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Section: Other Grants and Activities

NoE: Intuition

Participants : Bruno Arnaldi [ contact ] , Anatole Lécuyer, Yann Jehanneuf.

We are member of the core group of Intuition : Virtual Reality and Virtual Environments Applications for Future Workspaces which is a Network of Excellence involving more than 68 european partners form 15 different countries. This project belongs to the joint call IST-NMP of the FP6 program.

INTUITION's major objective is to bring together leading experts and key actors across all major areas of VR understanding, development, testing and application in Europe, including industrial representatives and key research institutes and universities in order to overcome fragmentation and promote VE establishment within product and process design. To perform this, a number of activities will be carried out in order to establish a common view of VR technology current status, open issues and future trends.

Thus the INTUITION Network aims are:

Anatole Lécuyer is the leader of the "Haptic Interaction" Working Group (WG 2.10). The main objective of the Haptic Interaction Working Group is to federate strongly the major European actors in Haptics and to promote their joint activity. The objectives of the first 18 months of the WG were to provide feedback concerning the Haptic Interaction field and to exploit knowledge emanating from Cluster "Integrating and structuring activities" regarding the Haptic Interaction domain.

Key achievements:

The Term of Reference of the INTUITION Working Group on Haptic Interaction provides the description of the WG, its relevant area, its research needs and the research topics to be addressed. An international aspect is given to the research area addressed by briefly describing the international related activities that might be relative to the WG and by positioning Europe in a worldwide scale. Complementary, the State-of-the-Art of technology in the field of haptic interaction is described.

Bruno Arnaldi is the leader of the "Towards a sustainable network" Working Package (WP 1.15). The ultimate goal, which is the design and realisation of a permanent Organisation which will replace the NoE after the period of the EC financial support. The scope of this Organisation as perceived at the time being by the INTUITION members is to take on the Networks' successful ERA and proceed to and mostly overview a deep integration of the European competencies on VR. The major activity of this Work Package is the establishment and operation of the Network Business Office.

Key achievements:

This report D1_15.1 presents the initial political and strategic orientation of INTUITION including sustainability of the R&D activities on Virtual Reality in Europe. This is a living document since the Political and Strategic Orientation of INTUITION will be continuously updated based on the developments (Scientific, Commercial and market) of the VR field both in Europe and worldwide.

The scope of this report is to introduce a clear vision of INTUITION strategy concerning fundamental research and industrial development and to identify the tools and structure in order to develop its strategy.

We have been the representative of INTUITION Haptic,Sustainability and Integration of Ressource WG at the General Assembly in Stuttgart (September 2005).

Intuition 's consortium members are: ICCS, Alenia, CEA, CERTH, COAT-Basel, CRF, INRIA Rhône-Alpes, FhG-IAO, UNOT, USAL, VTEC, VTT, ART, ALA, ARMINES, BARCO, CSR SRL, CLARTE, CNRS (5 laboratories), CS, Dassault Aviation, EADS, ENIB, EPFL, EDAG, EDF, ESA, ICS-FORTH, FHW, FTRD, FhG-IPK, FhG-FIT, LABEIN, HUT, ICIDO, INRS, IDG, MPITuebingen, UTBv, NNC, ONDIM, OVIDIUS, PERCRO, PUE, RTT, SNCF, SpaceApps, ETH, TUM, TECNATOM, TILS, TVP - S.A., TGS Europe, TNO, UPM, UCY, UNIGE, UMA, UniPatras, UoS, Twente, IR-UVEG, UoW, Plzen.


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