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Section: Other Grants and Activities


Participants : Bruno Arnaldi [ contact ] , Vincent Quester-Séméon, Stéphane Donikian, Alain Chauffaut.

OpenMASK (Open Modular Animation and Simulation Kit) is the federative platform for research developments in the Siames team. It was born from the need to integrate the different research activities of the SIAMES lab in a real-time and distributed Virtual Reality and Simulation environment. First known as GASP it turned into OpenMASK in 2002. Willing to reinforce collaboration with industrial actors, Vincent Quester-Séméon s work consists first in improving the already existing communication tools of the lab and creating new ones if need be. Second he had to investigate to see how we could create an OpenMASK user club composed of different actors of the industrial world and study what kind of economic model could be adopted to make this club benefit.

Communication tools improvement.

Internet Website improvement at : a new flash website has been created, replacing the old one. The goal was to make it more attractive than it was. The chosen technology to create it was Flash MX in order to make it visually attractive and to be able to improve interaction with it within the next few weeks. - Presentation papers improvement: the already existing papers we could distribute about OpenMASK had to be improved in order to make it more attractive. These papers had been distributed in show cases like at SIGGRAPH, Los Angeles summer 2005 - A presentation CD-ROM is currently created with Yann Jehanneuf. It presents OpenMASK lab, from a technical and historical view insisting mainly on MKM and HTPS++ technologies. It will certainly contain a part talking about the future OpenMASK user club.

Show rooms.

Vincent Quester-Séméon has been contributing to the organization of three different show cases. He has also been present to all of three, presenting some of OpenMASK or MKM technologies. The goal of such show cases were obviously to try to create new contacts and at least, to show SIAMES lab technologies. - The first one was « Les Journée INRIA rencontres industries » in 2005 in Versailles, w ith Alain Chauffaut and Jean-Marie Houssay. We have presented there the virtuose (force feedback device) haptic demo during one day. - The second one was for « Le Carrefour de l image » in the Reunion Island (in a town named Le Port) in march 2005. With Stéphane Donikian we have been presenting mainly MKM thanks to different demo. - The last one was during SIGGRAPH in august 2005, in Los Angeles USA. During the show case we ve been presenting OpenMASK and MKM technologies.

Learning and Teaching OpenMASK.

Formation Vincent Quester-Séméon's goal at IRISA was also to be able to give formation to any desiring person. To do this, all formation tools had been improved or some had been created: the tutorial had been completely modified and improved to create amore appropriate learning and teaching tool. New examples have been added to the tutorial.

OpenMASK User Club.

Since September we have been working harder on the project to create user club. Step by step the club idea is turning sharper. First we met some people from the CCI (chambre du commerce et de l industrie de Rennes) who could gave us some ideas to create this club, then we decided what could be the structure of such a project. Today, a good presentation of this club is currently being written. Soon will come the club subscription form.


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