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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Keywords : Cognition, Ergonomics, Problem Solving, Manipulation, Virtual Reality.

TCAN AMELIE : Multidisciplinary Approach for Cognition and Interaction in Immersive Virtual Environments

Participant : Anatole Lécuyer.

The main objective of the TCAN Pre-Project ``AMELIE'' was to achieve a pioneer research program which integrated cognitive issues in the ergonomic design of Virtual Environments. Expected results should improve existing virtual reality devices and their associated interaction techniques.

The AMELIE pre-project was planned for 1 year and has began on October 2004. It was a collaboration between 4 partners: SIAMES, CEA LIST (French Commission for Atomic Energy), Ecole des Mines de Paris (CAOR), and University of Paris 5 (LEI). The general objective of AMELIE was to achieve a pioneer research program which integrates cognitive issues in the ergonomic design of Virtual Environments (VE). AMELIE focused on three main problems: (1) the immersion of the user and its impact on cognitive processes involved when achieving a task in VR; (2) the influence of the means of interaction (notably the virtual display of the user, i.e. his/her ``avatar'' on the cognitive processes; (3) the building and use of an assistive model of the user, internal to the VE, taking into account the behaviour and the potential mistakes of the user. Potential applications of AMELIE concerned mainly the improvement of existing devices of VR and of their associated interaction techniques (i.e. the software issues), in industrial simulations such as in virtual verifications of assembly/disassembly operations.


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