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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Giat-Industrie: Virtual Training.

Participants : Bruno Arnaldi, Nicolas Mollet, Xavier Larrodé, Stéphanie Gerbaud.

The GVT-Giat Virtual Training project (INRIA, Giat-Industries and ENIB) is a very challenging one. Indeed, in this project, we introduce very advanced VR technology in order to produce very customizable VR applications dedicated to industrial training. GVT is based on OpenMASK, the VR-platform of the Siames team (INRIA), and AReVi (ENIB-Li2 VR-platform). All of our developments are totally re-usable in industrial training, and are not dedicated to a particular industrial equipment and procedure. We focus our activity into the following points:

For those three points, you can find more informations in the "new results" section. Our partner ENIB is concerned by the pedagogic point of view of the training. The main goal of this overall project is to produce a real application in order to validate all the new concepts we introduce. This application has still been shown at three meetings: Eurosatory, Perf-RV, and Laval-Virtual [27] . The GVT project leads to the depot of 5 french patents (the latest one is [42] ) and 1 european patent [43] . You can find more informations on the product in the "software" section.

Figure 35. Immersed maintenance training - GVT


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