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Section: Overall Objectives

Overall Objectives

Software correctness is a key aspect of many computing systems. For example, computers and software are used to help control nuclear power plants, avionic controls, and automobiles and, in such safety-critical systems, incorrect software can cause serious problems. Similarly, errors in networking software, operating systems, browsers, etc, can leave computer systems open for computer viruses and security breeches. In order to avoid errors in such complex and interacting systems, one must be able to prove the correctness of individual application programs as well as a wide range of software systems that analyze and manipulate them: these range from compilers and linkers, to parsers and type checkers, to high-level properties of entire programming languages. In the face of this increasing need for program correctness, an international community of researchers is developing many approaches to the correctness of software. Formal methods are gaining acceptance as one viable approach to addressing program correctness and this project will focus on using such methods to address this problem.

The Parsifal team aims at elaborating methods and tools for specifying and reasoning about computation systems such as compilers, security protocols, and concurrent programs. A central challenge here is proving properties of programs that manipulate other programs. The specification of such computational systems today is commonly given using operational semantics, supplanting the well-established but restrictive approach using denotational semantics. Operational semantics is generally given via inference rules using relations between different items of the computation, and for this reason, it is an example of a relational specification . Inference rules over relations are also used for specifying the static semantics for programming languages as well (type inference, for example). The use of denotational style presentations of computational systems naturally leads to the use of functional programming-based executable specifications. Similarly, the use of inference systems for the presentation of operational semantics provides a natural setting for exploiting logic programming-based implementations.

The Parsifal project will exploit recent developments in proof search, logic programming, and type theory to make the specification of operational semantics more expressive and declarative and will develop techniques and tools for animating and reasoning directly on logic-based specifications. More specifically, the Parsifal project will focus on the following goals.

Parsifal's focus on formal specification and correctness of computer systems means that this project is supporting INRIA's objective to ``guarantee the reliability and security of software intensive systems'' (Strategic Plan 2003-2007).


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