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Section: Application Domains

Keywords : operational semantics, process calculus, model checking, symbolic bisimulations.

Model checking operational semantics

When operational semantics is presented as inference rules, it can often be encoded naturally into a logic programming setting. The logic programming foundations developed in Parsifal allows for such operational semantics to be animated in direct and natural ways. Recent work on searching fixed points of logic program specifications allow for the automating of bisimulation checking for finitary processes. This foundational work lead to a proof theory [38] and game semantic [12] that allows for the natural duality of finite success and finite failure.

Given its bases on proof theory, an intensional treatment of syntax and bindings in syntax was natural to develop [11] . The design of a working system, Level 0/1, that exploits these foundational ideas is presented in [47] , [14] . The resulting system is one of the few systems that can directly implement bisimulation checking for the $ \pi$ -calculus [48] , [45] .

Since operational semantics can be described declaratively, our work should allow for richer approaches to developing rule forms for operational semantics.


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