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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National initiatives

ACI Sécurité Informatique ALIDECS

Frédéric Boussinot is participating in the ACI Sécurité Informatique ALIDECS whose coordinator is Marc Pouzet. The ACI started october 2004. Paricipants are Lip6 (Paris), Verimag (Grenoble), Pop-Art (Inria Rhône-Alpes), Mimosa (Inria Sophia) and CMOS (LaMI Évry). The objective is to study an integrated development environment for the construction and use of safe embedded components.

ACI Sécurité Informatique CRISS

This action started in July 2003. The participants are, besides Mimosa and the Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale of Marseilles, the LIPN from Paris (Villetaneuse) and the INRIA project Calligramme from LORIA in Nancy. Roberto Amadio is the coordinator of the CRISS action. Its main aim is to study security issues raised by mobile code.

ACI Nouvelles Interfaces des Mathématiques GEOCAL

Roberto Amadio and Gérard Boudol are participating in this action. The other teams are the LMD Marseilles Luminy (coordinator), PPS Paris, LCR Paris Nord, LSV Cachan, LIP Lyon (PLUME team), INRIA Futurs, IMM Montpellier, and LORIA Nancy ( Calligramme project).

ACI Sécurité Informatique ROSSIGNOL

Roberto Amadio is participating in this action (started in July 2003), the topic of which is the verification of cryptographic protocols. The action involves the participation of INRIA Futurs, LSV Cachan, and VERIMAG Grenoble.

ARA Sécurité, Systèmes embarqués et Intelligence Ambiante, Cops

Silvano Dal Zilio is participating in this action that has started in September 2005. The other teams are IRIT (coordinator), MoVe from the LIF, and the LORIA projects CASSIS and ECOO.

ACI Masses de données TraLaLA

Silvano Dal Zilio is participating in this action. The other teams are the LIENS ENS Paris (coordinator), LRI Orsay, INRIA Futurs Projet GEMO, and LIFL and INRIA Futurs projet MOSTRARE.


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