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Section: Application Domains

Web servers and Web proxies

Since a couple of years programming the Web is a hot topic. It involves network, distributed, and concurrent programming. In addition, it also requires scripting facilities. Naturally , the techniques conceived and the languages designed in the Mimosa project could naturally be applied to this programming area. In particular, we are considering applying the FairThreads to the design and implementation of a user-land proxy . This proxy should be uncluttering and lean, spawned by users. It should be easy to start, easy to stop, and highly customizable and scriptable . This Web proxy could be used to access all kinds of local textual information. For instance, standard Linux distributions contain numerous documentations written in different formats (Docbook, man pages, ascii documentations, HTML, PDF, etc.). It is always puzzling to try to remember where these files are stored and how to visualize them conveniently. This user-land proxy could help with that task. It could be configured by users to extend the special syntax used by the Web browser to serve the local requests. For instance, the proxy could be configured so that HTTP requests starting with http://doc: are intercepted and handled locally by a program exploring the locations known to contain documentations. When the requested document is found, the same program could select the appropriate translator or plug-in in order to visualize it in the browser. Each user could use a different configuration of the proxy.


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