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Section: Application Domains


Because functional languages offer a high level of abstraction, they generally enable compact implementations. So, they enable fast prototyping and fast implementing. In consequence, they are generally convenient when used as scripting languages. For this reason, many famous end-user applications (such as Emacs, Gimp, Auto-Cad, ...) embed interpreters of functional languages. The compilation of functional languages, at least for the representatives that use strict evaluation order, is now well understood. Hence, programming in a functional language does not forbid to produce fast applications that do not clutter the computers they run on. With some of the modern implementations, it is possible to blend compiled code, for fast execution, and interpreted code, for scripting. The combination of both execution modes brings expressiveness and efficiency. Few other languages offer this capability. Exploiting this specificity we have conceived an email synchronizer that is implemented in Scheme and that also uses this language for supporting user scripting.


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