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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

ACI actions

ACI Masse de Données : Demi-ton

Participants : Guillaume Gravier, Daniel Moraru, Stéphane Huet.

This project entitled "Multimodal description for automatic structuring of TV streams" started in Oct. 2004 and is funded by the ACI Masse de Données. The partners are the METISS and Tex-Mex groups at IRISA and the DCA groupp at INA.

The aim of this project is to propose and evaluate algorithms to structure the video stream in order to automate this tedious part of the indexing process at INA. The main scientific objectives are the joint modeling of different medias (image, text, meta-data, sound, etc.) in a statistical framework and the use of prior information, mainly the program guide, in collaboration with a statistical model.

In the framework of this project, our team works on the use of segment models for video structuring (joint supervision of the thesis of Manolis Delakis, Texmex) and on interactions between speech recognition and natural language processing for the extraction of information on the structure of a spoken document (PhD Thesis of Stéphane Huet, jointly with Tex-Mex).


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