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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Initiatives funded by the French Network RNRT

Projets Technolangues (n° 2 03 C 0766 00 31 331 011, 2 03 C 0785 00 31 331 011

Participants : Sacha Krstulovic, Mathieu Ben, Frédéric Bimbot.

The Technolangue programme is dedicated to the developpent of software and data resources for research and development in speech and language research and engineering.

The NEOLOGOS project was dedicated to the selection of relevant linguistic material and a set of representative speakers for the definition and the recording of a multi-speaker speech database for speech recognition. The partners are : TELISMA, ELDA, DIALOCA, FTR&D-Lannion, LORIA and IRISA.

The AGILE-ALIZE project was dedicated to the design, development and test of a freeware speaker recognition platform based on the know-how of the ELISA Consortium. The partners are : ATLOG, Thalès, CLIPS, LIA, ENST, IRIT.


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