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Section: Software

MPTK: the Matching Pursuit Toolkit

Participants : Rémi Gribonval, Sacha Krstulovic.

The Matching Pursuit ToolKit (MPTK) is a fast and flexible implementation of the Matching Pursuit algorithm for sparse decomposition of monophonic as well as multichannel (audio) signals. MPTK is written in C++ and runs on Windows, MacOS and Unix platforms. It is distributed under a free software license model (GNU General Public License) and comprises a library, some standalone command line utilities and scripts to plot the results under Matlab.

MPTK has been entirely developped within the METISS group mainly to overcome limitations of existing Matching Pursuit implementations in terms of ease of maintainability, memory footage or computation speed. One of the aims is to be able to process in reasonable time large audio files to explore the new possibilities which Matching Pursuit can offer in speech signal processing. With the new implementation, it is now possible indeed to process a one hour audio signal in as little as twenty minutes.

METISS efforts this year have been targeted at designing the new flexible Matching Pursuit API which allows easy additions of new classes of dictionaries that can be used in the Matching Pursuit framework. Current dictionaries include Gabor, Harmonic and Dirac atoms, and Chirps are currenlty being developped. A description of the various algorithms implemented in MPTK can be found in [67] , [65] , [66] , [63] .

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