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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International initiatives

Network of Excellence: Euro-Ngi

Maestro is a member of the Network of Excellence (NoE) Euro-Ngi on ``Design and Engineering of the Next Generation Internet, Towards Convergent Multi-Service Networks''. E. Altman is co-coordinator of the work package on control and optimization in telecommunication networks.

In 2005 Maestro has been involved in two one-year Euro-Ngi Specific Joint Research Projects: JRA.S.07: Cellular and JRA.S.11: Fairness .

Cellular (project coordinator: T. Chahed from Get ) focuses on Cross-layer Protocol Design for Wireless Networks. Within this project two postdoctoral students visited Maestro : L. Cottatellucci (three months) and U. Ayesta (one month with Maestro and three months with other teams of Cellular ).

Fairness (project coordinator: P. Nain) is devoted to Fair and Efficient Scheduling in Wired and Wireless Networks. R. Núñez Queija, U. Yechiali and U. Ayesta visited Maestro within this project.

Collaboration with Australia: Linkage International

Maestro together with Cnrs (J.-B. Lasserre, H. Frankowska), University of Paris Dauphine (J.-P. Aubin), University of Utrecht (A. Gnedin) and University of South Australia (V. Ejov, J. Filar, L. Finlay, V. Gaitsgory, P. Howlett) participates in a three-year (2005-2007) international cooperation grant, Linkage International , of the Australian Research Council on the subject of ``Singular Perturbations and Multiscale Models in Optimization and Control.''

Collaboration with India: Cefipra

Since April 2003 Maestro has been involved in a three-year research grant with Prof. A. Kumar and Prof. A. Chockalingam, both from IISc (Bangalore), and with Prof V. S. Borkar from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (Mumbai). The coordinators of this project are Prof. Kumar and E. Altman for the Indian and French institutions, respectively. The theme of the cooperation is ``New Strategies for Wireless Communication Networks.'' This cooperation financed the two-year postdoctoral position at Inria of A. A. Kherani. Within this program, D. Kumar visited the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India (August 1-5, 2005) and the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India (August 8-26, 2005). Moreover, R. Vennkatesh, a Ph.D. of Prof. Kumar from IISc visited Maestro for three weeks in October 2005. We have extended our cooperation with IISc through the visit of Prof. V. Sharma to Maestro .

Collaboration with Norway: Aurora project

The Aurora project is a joint research program funded by the Research Council of Norway and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The participants belong to the following institutions: Inria Sophia Antipolis (project-team Maestro ; N. Bonneau contributed to this project) and Institut Eurecom , France, UniK - University Graduate Center and University of Oslo, Norway. The objective is to propose advanced optimization tools to design broadband wireless communication systems (OFDM, CDMA, MIMO, and ad hoc networks).

Collaboration with Russia and Belarus: Pai Eco-Net

Maestro together with N. Litvak and W. Scheinhardt from the University of Twente, The Netherlands, is involved in the Pai Eco-Net in partnership with V. Dobrynin, L. Petrosyan, D. Nemirovsky and N. Osipova from St. Petersburg State University, Russia, and A. Dudin and V. Klimenok from Belarussian State University, Belarus. The collaboration, started in 2005, bears on ``Probabilistic and Graph Theoretical Methods in Search Engines.'' The collaboration has been extended for a second year (2006).

Collaboration with the USA: Nsf Itr project

Members of Maestro and the University of Massachusetts ( UMass ) at Amherst (Prof. D. Towsley) have a long lasting collaboration in the area of performance evaluation and control of networks. Since 2001, we have been associated with UMass in a five-year Nsf Itr project on ``QoS in the future Internet''. This project finances visits of members of Maestro to UMass . In 2005 P. Nain visited UMass in this framework.

Collaboration with Venezuela

Since January 2004 Maestro and Inria project-team Oasis have been partners in a four-year collaboration with the University of Los Andes (ULA), Merida, Venezuela, through a funding of the Ecos program. French partners are D. Ros ( Inria project-team Armor and Enst Bretagne), D. Caromel ( Inria project-team Oasis ), H. Mounier (University of Paris 11, Orsay), and E. Altman (project coordinator). Our Venezuelian partners are R. Márquez, L. Leon and J. Aguilar from ULA (Merida). Within this project Maestro hosted R. Márquez for three weeks in 2005.


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