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Other Grants and Activities

Section: Other Grants and Activities

Regional Initiatives


Participant : All the project.

The 'Region Nord Pas de Calais' has initiated a large research plan around the new technologies for communications. We lead the software section of this plan. Beyond this plan the 'Region Nord Pas de Calais' has facilitated the creation of a new research institute called IRCICA to promote new collaborative research projects between software and hardware laboratories. The Jacquard project is one of the first projects supported by this institute.


Participant : All the project.

The MOSAIQUES Project ("MOdèles et InfraStructures pour Applications ubIQUitairES" or Models and middleware for ubiquitous applications) defines a design and programming framework for application definitions that run in ubiquitous environment. The project includes The University of Lille with LIFL Laboratory (STC and SMAC teams) and INRIA projects Jacquard and POPS, TRIGONE laboratory, INRETS, Ecole des Mines de Douai and The University of Valenciennes and of Hainaut-Cambrésis. Application domains are transportation and e-learning systems. Laurence Duchien is in charge of this project.


Participants : Renaud Pawlak, Anne-Françoise Le Meur.

The goal of the FLEXIBLE BQR project, which is supported by the University of Lille 1, is to develop a platform to build adaptable and robust component-based applications. Applications built within this framework will be able to be safely adapted with respect to their changing environment. Adaptation mechanisms will mainly rely on aspect-oriented programming technics. The robustness of the adaptation process will be obtained through the use of DSLs to describe the contracts and properties that the application must respect as it evolves.


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