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Section: Software

Keywords : Eclipse Modeling Framework, OCL support.

OCL Support

Participant : Gilles Vanwormhoudt [ correspondant ] .

This project extends the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) with an OCL support. EMF is a set of development tools that provides a metamodeling approach for the Eclipse environment based on Essential MOF. It enables the definition of metamodels and generates Java implementation of theses metamodels, which both support the creation and manipulation of model instances. The proposed extension gives the abilities to attach OCL constraints (pre/postcondition, invariant) to any metamodel defined with EMF, to verify their coherence and to translate these contraints into Java code for evaluating them on instance models. Thanks to the OCL capabilities, developpers exploiting EMF can specify their models and metamodels in a more precise and coherent way. This software is available as an Eclipse plugin at the following address: .


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