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Section: Software

Keywords : Fractal, AOP.


Participants : Nicolas Pessemier, Lionel Seinturier [ correspondant ] .

AOKell is a reflective and open implementation of the Fractal component model. So far, software components are used in various application domains (for embedded systems to e-commerce web sites). However the model of a component is different in each of these domains with solutions such as EJB, CCM, .Net, Accord/UML, ArchJava, OpenCOM, K-Component, etc. This profusion hinders the broad adoption of component based techniques. The challenge we are addressing with AOKell is to design and implement a component model adaptable to various application domains. To achieve this goal, AOKell is a reflective component model with two dimensions: the business dimension and the control dimension. The former is concerned with the programming of the application functionalities, while the latter is concerned with the control and the technical services needed by the application. The business dimension is fully programmable with AOKell with the same artefacts (component, binding, components assembly) which are available for the business dimension. The integration of these two dimensions is achieved with aspect-oriented programming. The work on AOKell is conducted in the context of a France Telecom R&D research grant.


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