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Section: Software

Keywords : Java Aspect Components, dynamic weaving.

Java Aspect Components

Participant : Renaud Pawlak [ correspondant ] .

JAC (Java Aspect Components) is a project consisting of developing an aspect-oriented middleware layer. JAC current version is 0.12.1. Current application servers do not always provide satisfying means to separate technical concerns from the application code. Since JAC uses aspect-orientation, the complex components are replaced by POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects) and technical concerns implementations that are usually wired deep into the containers implementations are replaced by loosely-coupled, dynamically pluggable aspect components. JAC aspect components provide: seamless persistence (CMP) that fully handles collections and references, flexible clustering features (customisable broadcast, load-balancing, data-consistency, caching), instantaneously defined users, profiles management, access rights checking, and authentication features. See


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