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Section: Software

Keywords : Graphical Editor, Model Driven Software Framework, XML.


Participants : Christophe Contreras, Philippe Merle [ correspondant ] .

Apollon is a model driven software framework to generate Java-based graphical editors for XML documents.

According to a XML DTD given as input, the Apollon's code generator produces a set of Java Data classes and Java Swing components implementing graphical editors for XML documents. The Java Data classes are a strongly typed reification of the XML DTD: each XML DTD element is reified as a Java class, XML DTD children and attributes are reified as getter and setter Java methods. The Java Swing components implement the graphical representation of the Java Data classes. The graphical representation of any XML element and attribute could be customized at the generation time according to users' graphical requirements.

The Apollon's code generator is built as an extension of the open source Zeus software. The Apollon's runtime is based on the Fractal Explorer software framework described below. Apollon is already used in OpenCCM to automatically generate graphical editors for the XML DTDs defined in the OMG's CORBA Components Specification.

Apollon is a LGPL open source software available at .


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